Virus Truth Foreman Willem Engel arrested at Hilversum demonstration

Police have arrested William Engel this afternoon in downtown Hilversum. The foreman of Virus Truth wanted to lead a forbidden demonstration against the lockdown.

In addition to Engel, nine more people have been arrested in Hilversum, reports NH Nieuws.

The Hilversum mayor Broertjes had banned the announced demonstration Stop de lockdown yesterday, because he was afraid that protesters would not comply with the rules of coronation. Yet this afternoon, dozens of protesters gathered at different locations in the centre.

โ€œ Initially, the vote was amusing. We asked them to leave, but then the mood got a little grim. At that time, we intervened and arrested ten people,โ€ says a police spokesman.

Curable and quiet
There has

also been demonstrated against the corona measures in other places. The biggest demonstration was in Eindhoven, where hundreds of people met at the station under the motto The future is positive. The congregation had given permission for the demonstration, provided that everyone adhered to the rules of coronation.

According to Omroep Brabant, the attendees did not wear mouthcaps, but they kept one and a half meters away. The organisation also called for this repeatedly. The atmosphere was described as friendly and quiet.

In Maastricht, several dozen people gathered for a demonstration at the Vrijthof. There, too, the protest went without incident.