Visibly disappointed Schmidt is bothered: Thats what we have to talk about

PSV trainer Roger Schmidt was very disappointed in his team after the duel with sc Heerenveen (2-2). The Dark Ones dont think the PSVs have given them everything. Thats what he wants to talk about in the next few days.
โ€œThis was also a surprise as a trainer,โ€ says Schmidt in front of ESPNs camera about the tie against Heerenveen. โ€œWe played the last matches well, did not take any countergoals and also trained well. There were no signals to the game we showed today. We played without intensity, energy and mentality.โ€
โ€œWe have to be honest with ourselvesโ€, continues a visibly disappointed Schmidt. โ€œAnyone who thought we would walk to second place easy now knows that we have to keep working hard. We
re in a tough competition. Today we showed weaknesses.โ€
Schmidt thinks that the mediocre performance also has to do with ease. โ€œIt seemed like we were thinking about it too easily. Its very important for us and for the club to secure second place. I thought all the players were focused, both before the game and the whole last week. I dont have a good reason why we played like this today. Thats what we need to talk about.โ€