Visitors Fyre Festival receive compensation three years later

A small three hundred people who bought a ticket for the failed Fyre Festival, each receive a fee of about 7200 dollars (6000 euros). These are the organizers and the cardholders agreed according to Deadline after a lawsuit of the visitors.

The Fyre Festival was touted as a luxurious, exclusive party and famous stars were paid to promote the festival on social media. However, when the first visitors arrived at the event location in the Bahamas in April of 2017, it turned out to be a great chaos on the island. In addition to scarce accommodation and food, there was also a shortage of water and medical care. Therefore, the festival had to be canceled at the last minute.

Organizer Billy McFarland was charged with fraud and pleaded guilty in March of 2018. He was sentenced to six years in prison. He also has to repay the $26 million for which he has ripped off various companies and individuals. According to Deadline, it‘s not clear who’s gonna cough up the money for the 277 cardholders from the trial. Also, a judge has yet to approve the deal.