Visser sprints surprisingly to national title, also Van Gool class apart

At the NK athletics in Utrecht, the Dutch titles on the 100 meters ended up with Joris van Gool and Nadine Visser. The latter, normally fast on the 100 meter hurdles, took full advantage of the absence of Dutch record holder Dafne Schippers and the young talent N’ketia Seedo, last year third behind Schippers and Jamile Samuel.

“I turn very nicely and also felt that the speed is okay, but I had not counted on this beautiful time. I’m just in top form”, the champion reacted afterwards.

From Gool by far the fastest

Van Gool finished fourth behind Hensley Paulina, Chris Garia and Churandy Martina last year, but they were missing on the apple.

Champion Paulina had signed out for the title match, Garia passed the final after his win in the semi-finals and Martina limits herself to the 200 meters this season. That’s on the program for Sunday.

Van Gool initially saw the clock stop at 9.99, but he soon realised that this could not be right. “You feel like a sprinter.” His satisfaction, however, was no less. “I’m known as a specialist on the 60 meters, but I can still better maintain that speed on the last 40 meters. I’m no longer afraid that the others will pass me in the last few metres.”