Visser survives “30 seconds in jaw humpback”

Michael Packard‘s unlikely story rages on social media. The American fisherman is recovering from an incident in which he said he spent almost a minute in the mouth of a humpback whale, a whale, after which he was spit out. Experts speak of a credible story.

This Friday morning, Packard dived into the sea. He was fishing for lobster. While he was trying to inspect a trap, dozens of meters deep on the bottom, a whale swam past. That bite.

Suddenly I felt a huge wave. After that, it was all black. I felt myself moving and I felt the muscles of his mouth contract. At first he thought he was still in a white shark. But he didn’t feel any teeth and wasn‘t hurt. After a few seconds, it began to dawn when he was swallowed.

I was all in it. It was completely black, says Packard to the Cape Cod Times, a news channel from his hometown. I thought I’ll never get out of here again. I‘ve been there. I could only think of my little boys, who are 12 and 15 years old.


Miraculously, Packard can tell his story. His parents are also aware. He was in the mouth for thirty to forty seconds, says the mother of the 56-year-old fisherman, the nearby painter Anne Packard, to the Miami Herald newspaper.

After a visit to the hospital, TV reporters clung to him. Packard told me about his death battle. I realized I was in the mouth of a whale, he said. And that he tried to swallow me.

But mysteriously he was spit out without serious injury — neatly at the surface of the water. He didn’t even break a bone, says his mother. He‘s been incredibly lucky.

Maybe rescue attempt. According

to maritime expert Peter Corkeron at the New England Aquarium, humpback whales don’t hunt humans. They filter large amounts of water onto possible food with their stiffeners. Packard was simply in the wrong place during his dive at the wrong time.

Humpback whales are sometimes described as‘ altruistic ‘towards humans. So they‘re anything but evil. Corkeron does not rule out the fact that the whale has conceived to deliberately bring fisherman Packard to the surface of the water to spit it out, writes The Herald.

It’s pretty good to imagine that he was trying to help him, says Packard.

Airplane crash

It is by the way not Packard‘s first Houdini act, tells his mother. Years ago, he experienced a plane crash in Costa Rica while fishing. He was climbing out of the wreck on his own. I think he is blessed, says Anne Packard. It’s incredible.