Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum after weakening his character in World of Warcraft

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency, Ethereum, was a big fan of World of Warcraft in 2007โ€”2010. But after Blizzard weakened his character, he realized the horrors centralized services could carry. The fact is that Buterin played as Warlock, and Blizzard removed the damage component from the Life Drawing spell.

After that, Vitalik worried and even cried, couldnt sleep. With his will in his fist, he quit World of Warcraft, believed in the idea of decentralization, and went to work at Bitcoin Weekly for $1.

5 an hour. After he co-founded Bitcoin Magazine, and quit in 2013 university and came up with the idea of Ethereum.

He now owns billions of dollars and the combined value of Ethereum exceeds $400 billion. More on Gamemania Media: Windows 11 may degrade performance in games by 28% Sony cancels PS5 pre-orders in PlayStation Direct Ghost of Tsushima and Monster Hunter Rise have received major awards Japan Game Awards 2021.