Vitaly Milonov named Russia an “esports power” in honor of the victory of NAVI

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov congratulated the Natus Vincere team on winning the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 CS:GO esports championship. According to Milonov, Counter-Strike is considered a classic of esports, and the victory of the participants showed the result of well-coordinated work. However, the deputy considers computer addiction a type of mental deviation: It is better to let our guys and Ukrainians extinguish virtual terrorists and villains in games.

This should be supported in every possible way. Of course, computer addiction remains a type of mental deviation, but esports is a way to overcome addiction and learn something useful from it.

This is better than sitting and sticking TikTok to the terrible videos of Dani Milokhin and Morgenshtern. Vitaly MilonovIn addition, Milonov called Russia an esports power, noting that this kind of sports should be included in additional education programs: This sport must be included in the curricula of additional education.

Let the guys improve, this is not a question of the game, but honing professional skills: skill, skill, dexterity, reaction. After all, when a person does not sit with chips and beer, sticking to the computer, but overcomes himself, achieves new achievements – this is always PlusVitaliy MilonovFor the victory in the championship, the Natus Vincere team received 1 million dollars.

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