Vitesse and Volendam make little progress with point in annual Airborne competition

Vitesse and FC Volendam tied 1-1 in the annual Airborne game on Saturday. Vitesse, who now failed to win seven home games in the Eredivisie in a row, makes little progress with the point. After the tie, Volendam is also still dangling at the bottom of the rankings.
Prior to the annual Airborn competition, Vitesse discussed the battle for Arnhem. After the first whistle, the Arnhemmers started the game strongly. After just five minutes of play, Bartosz Bialek got a big chance. The attacker came face to face with Volendam goalkeeper Filip Stankovic, who brought a handsome rescue.
A nice tribute from Vitesse for the annual Airborne competition as part of the Battle of Arnhem ๐Ÿ‘
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โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 17, 2022

Volendam had little to crumble in the milk in the opening phase, but got the lead after 21 minutes of play. The team of coach Wim Jonk benefited from sloppy ball loss at Vitesse, after which Robert Mรผhren was put into position. The experienced striker got the ball behind Kjell Scherpen in two attempts, but received the necessary help from Carlens Arcus. Vitesses defender finally got the goal to his name.
Just before the break, Vitesse was very close to equalising. However, Stankovic, who has been one of the stars at Volendam in recent weeks, brought great rescue after an equally great shot by Sondre Tronstad. After the break, coach Thomas Letsch
s team quickly reached the same level. The Pool Kacper Kozlowski made it to the back line and gave way to compatriot Bialek, who finished well.
After the full Polish goal, the game came to an end quite anticlimactically. Both Vitesse, who now did not win seven home matches in the Eredivisie in a row, and Volendam, were no longer able to score. Both teams dont get along with the point and are now dangling with a paltry five points just above the degradation zone. Next week, the difficult duel with FC Twente is scheduled for the Arnhemmers, while Volendam is scheduled to compete with Fortuna Sittard.