Vitesse announces loss of millions: ‘Not dissatisfied in general ‘

Vitesse notes a negative net result of 6.8 million euros for the 2020/2021 financial year. Although this is a decline from the previous year, when the loss was 4.3 million euros, Managing Director Pascal van Wijk is not dissatisfied.
โ€œDue to COVID-19, it was a strange season, in which we were only allowed to play one home game with the public,โ€ Van Wijk looks back on the Vitesse website on the closed financial year. โ€œIn general, we are not dissatisfied with the annual figures.โ€
The managing director states that the governments NOW scheme, from which Vitesse received about 4.5 million euros, helped the club tremendously. โ€œWe are also very grateful for the unconditional support we have received from supporters and sponsors, who have decided to refrain from compensation in the strange season we have had. That has been a big support for the club,โ€ says Van Wijk.
Due to the support Vitesse received, the fall in turnover is only 3.3 million euros. As a result, the total loss was limited to EUR 6.8 million. โ€œOf course this could have been a nicer figure, especially by sporting success. However, we see the positive trend being slowed down by the coronavirus,โ€ says Van Wijk. The gap in the Arnhem budget will be covered by club owner Valeri Oyf.