Vitesse strikes transfer market: Bayern attacker (18) on his way to Arnhem

Vitesse will strengthen with Gabriel Vidovic, a player from Bayern Munich. Sources report this to this website after reports from, among others, the Gelderlander. Vidovic (18) comes to Arnhem on a rental basis.
The plan was to rent Vidovic to a German club, but that didn‘t really get off the ground. Allegedly because the interested clubs, including Jahn Regensburg and 1. FC Nurnberg, were unable to reach an agreement with Bayern on the rental conditions. Vitesse strikes now. The transfer must be completed sometime next week.
Vidovic is an attacker who can handle both the tip and the flanks. He has both German and Croatian nationality. His contract with Bayern continues until the summer of 2025, with Vidovic playing four games in Der Rekordmeister’
s first team so far.