Vitesse wants to go on longer with successful mercenary: ‘Be positive. ‘

Vitesse wants to go on longer with Jacob Rasmussen, mercenary of Fiorentina. Technical director Johannes Spris confirms that Thursday evening to the Gelderlander.

According to the regional newspaper, Vitesse‘s leadership is positive about Rasmussen’s contribution, who played fourteen games this season. He is known as a leader type ‘who, with his fanaticism and coaching, keeps everyone sharp. ‘
Spris hopes to keep him in Arnhem longer. โ€œWe want to keep going, but Fiorentina finally makes the decision,โ€ says Spors in conversation with the Gelderlander. โ€œI am positive because of the discussions with Fiorentina.โ€ According to the newspaper, there is an option for a second rental season.
Rasmussen has been playing for Vitesse since last summer. His contract with Fiorentina runs until the summer of 2024. Rasmussen also played for Erzgebirge Aue (2. Bundesliga), Empoli, Rosenborg BK, St. Pauli and Schalke 04.