VK from lockdown: ‘Hand holding of occupant care home may be again’

British Prime Minister Johnson will present a global schedule on Monday evening indicating when the corona measures will be phased out. It starts on 8 March with the reopening of the schools and then restrictions on after-school sports in the open air are lifted.

According to British media, residents of nursing homes in England are allowed to receive regular visits from a person again. According to British media, visitors are also allowed to hold the hands of residents, provided that protective PPE gloves are worn. Hugs and kisses are prohibited for the time being.

The curator responsible for the vaccination programme, Nadhim Zahawi. said that the schools will reopen on March 8 and more people will be allowed to meet outside: six people or two households. Three weeks later, outdoor sports are expected to be possible again, including football and tennis. The government will probably also extend the freedom of movement and allow people to travel back from their district or region, but not yet to spend the night elsewhere.


In April, all companies that are listed as ‘non-essential’ could be reopened. In May, the pubs and restaurants that could open the doors again under conditions regarding the number of customers. Easter falls on April 4 this year and in the first week of that month, even large hotels and holiday centers could open again.

At each step towards the next phase of relaxation, the authorities will assess the state of the risk of coronavirus. They do not particularly check whether the number of infections increases or decreases, but whether the infections lead to much more hospitalizations. The government foresees that the vigorous vaccination campaign helps to ensure that an increasing number of identified infections does not automatically lead to much more hospitalizations.

17.5 million people

More than 17.5 million people have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 in about two months. Health Minister Matt Hancock strives to ensure that everyone over 50 years of age has been vaccinated in mid-April and all adults have been vaccinated by the end of July. July is expected to be the fifth or final phase of Johnson‘s roadmap.

Many entrepreneurs and parliamentarians criticize the slowness of the easing that would come too late for the economy. Many of Johnson’s Conservative Party colleagues in the House of Commons are also increasingly pressing for the Prime Minister to move the economy forward. Gross domestic product is estimated to have shrunk 12% by 2020, and the social and psychological consequences of corona measures have also been found to be far worse than the disease, according to a number of MEPs.