VK opens paid internships for novice game developers

VK has announced paid internships for novice game developers. And the submission of applications has already started, which will last until May 27. The selection of participants will take place in several stages, including testing and technical interview.

Thus, the internship will take up to 6 months, but the duration depends on the direction. Project participants will be trained at VK game studios.

At the same time, a remote format is provided. There are three areas available: adaptation of game content, analytics and game design.

The requirements depend on the chosen direction, but candidates are expected to โ€œlove games, extensive gaming experience and understanding of mechanicsโ€. VK plans to provide interns with access to the database of junior vacancies.

The best students will get a chance to join game studios inside VK. More on CCeit Consoles for 8 and 16-bit games have become better sold The government of the Russian Federation will compile a list of applications for additions to RuStore โ€œAllods Onlineโ€ can switch to a more modern engine.