Vlaar wants to enter the trainers profession and has a great example: ‘He did it fantastic’

Ron Vlar wants to become head coach later and says he has learned a lot of different trainers during his active career. Ron Beton, who recently stopped playing soccer, has mainly learned a lot from Foppe de Haan.

From his period at Jong Oranje, the strong defender can still remember how De Haan worked. โ€œWe had a group in which the status of players was very different,โ€ explains Vlaar in the TV show Op1. โ€œSome played at a club in the Eredivisie, some were already abroad and some played in a second team. Go manage that.โ€
The Frisian got that done and that earned respect from the entire player group. Vlaar hopes to have learned something from that. โ€œIt was fantastic to experience. Foppe was very clear, did not like fuss and thought that we should just go against it. He did the training himself sometimes, great. He did it with a lot of energy.โ€

Now that @RonVlaar4s football career is over, he wants to focus on the trainership. Vlaar tells which trainers he learned a lot from, such as Van Gaal, Van Marwijk and of course Foppe de Haan. #Op1 pic.twitter.com/8HHQua54ud
โ€” Op1 (@op1npo) February 15, 2021

Vlaar announced last week that he stopped playing football. The 32-time international, who won the nickname Ron Beton at the 2014 World Cup, played his last match in September 2020 when he came out for AZ in the Champions League against Dinamo Kiev.