‘Vocation’ on employees fruit company

Two former employees of the fruit company De Groot were injured in a house fire in Hedel.

Family lawyer Taco van der Dussen suspects an attack and tells Omroep Gelderland that the threats take terrorist forms. Its very serious.โ€ At least the police suspect arson. Prior to the fire, a bang was heard.

The fruit company De Groot Fresh Shop has been under attack from criminals since 2019 after several finds of loads of cocaine between the fruit. In the spring of 2019, even 400 kilos were discovered once.

Heavy threats

The owners have since received texts with heavy threats. They are held responsible for the loss of millions. In addition, EUR 1 million was demanded for compensation.

An owner already lives under heavy security. There are now four suspects, but according to Omroep Gelderland, they would be at large again.

The Public Prosecutor also blundered by adding a list of all the names and addresses of employees to the criminal record, as De Cceit revealed November 2019. According to the counsel, that list is now being completed.

The two ex-employees at the fire house in Hedel inhaled smoke. One of them could go home, the other is still in the hospital. Mayor Henny van Kooten van Maasdriel is very concerned. โ€œWhere does this end when a human life doesnt count?โ€


The fruit and vegetables sector warned in De Cceit of the danger associated with the exploding smuggling of cocaine in 2016. Almost weekly, somewhere coke is found among fruits. Owners and employees fear violence. There have been many examples of this: hostage situation, kidnapping and threat.