VoetbalPrimeur wishes everyone a healthy, happy and sporty 2022

Dear VP visitor,
The end of 2021 is within reach. A 2021 in which again we have not been able to sit in full stadiums every week. But we did get to taste it for a while, and we cherish that on days like this.
We enjoyed football anyway, stadiums open or closed. The successes of Dutch clubs in Europe make us dream about what could happen in 2022. The Netherlands is back on the map as a football country and that is the most beautiful conclusion we can draw on the last day of the year.
Five million VP and then, of course, there was that EC. Despite the great disappointment against the Czech Republic, the final tournament with Orange resulted in a new record for VoetbalPrimeur: in 30 days we received more than five million unique visitors. A milestone that we are extremely proud of and want to thank you, the strong community of VoetbalPrimeur, for. Everyone who has done their part to this community this year will receive our greatest appreciation.
The top three But: boss over boss. There are three community members who were so active on our website in 2021 that they can take a seat on stage. Number one, with the most comments on VoetbalPrimeur in 2021, says… PRICE PSV! With a whopping 28666 comments, an average of 73 (!) per day, PRICE PSV has taken over the baton of the winner of 2020: the rolleman-Ajax.
At number two: Fan of FC Utrecht, with 26587 comments. And at number 3, last year‘s winner: the rolleman-Ajax, with 19554 responses. Thank you for your involvement in VoetbalPrimeur, but of course that applies to all our members!
On to 2022! And even though it is still highly uncertain whether the stadiums are open at the restart of the Eredivisie, there is still so much to look forward to in 2022, what about the blistering title battle between PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord? Or the sequel to an amazing European season of Dutch clubs, with five more active participants?
And as the final part of 2022, of course, the World Cup in Qatar, with the Dutch team by Louis van Gaal. As the 2014 World Cup taught us, Van Gaal knows how to advise with a team that few opportunities will be awarded towards a final tournament.
With the intention of returning fans to rammed stadiums, we will get in after tonight 2022. A year in which we are going to do even harder to build further together with your VP. Let’
s all toast to health, happiness and of course that upcoming world title of Orange.On behalf of the entire team of VoetbalPrimeur, we wish you a great conclusion to this year, and a healthy and happy 2022!
Team Soccer Scoop