Volcano on Iceland erupts, after weeks of earthquakes

In Iceland, the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted. The eruption does not come unexpectedly: the Earth has been very restless in the area recently. In three weeks, more than 50,000 earthquakes were felt in the country.

Experts already kept a close eye on the volcano. So far, it seems to be about a small eruption. On these helicopter footage you can see how the volcano spits lava.

People living nearby should keep their windows and doors closed, as toxic gases can be released during the eruption.


Iceland is an island with more than 130 volcanoes. When a volcano becomes active, the ground can vibrate. Icelanders experience this often, but the last few weeks it has been much more than usual. A lot of people were bothered by it. In the video below you can see more about it: