Volières GaiaZoo in Kerkrade collapsed by heavy snowcover, birds escaped

The aviaries of animal park GaiaZoo in Kerkrade in Limburg were collapsed on Sunday by a heavy snow cover combined with thaw. Two pigeons and a redwood have escaped. Employees of the animal park were able to catch the other birds. They are now in inner quarters, according to the park.

Two aviaries are irreparably damaged according to GaiaZoo. They will have to be rebuilt in the coming months. A third aviary has suffered a lot of damage, but this is expected to be repaired soon. The flamingos that are housed in that cage can then go out again. For the birds in the irreparably damaged cages, including oehows and griffon vultures, temporary shelter will be sought in other zoos in the coming days.

According to GaiaZoo, the aviaries are solid constructions that have been able to withstand extreme weather conditions for years. The thick snow cover that fell on the night from Saturday to Sunday and which started to thaw early in the morning led to an excessive load. The damage is a setback for the zoo, which, like the other zoos, has lost a lot of revenue due to closure due to the corona measures.