Volt participates in elections in fewer municipalities than hoped

Volt will be competing in the local elections next year in fewer places than the party hoped for. 25 local departments had signed up, but many of them do not meet the โ€œparity requirementsโ€ Volt sets itself. Project leader Anna Strolenberg confirms a report about that in De Cceit.

Volt is part of a European political movement and one of the core principles of that movement is that the candidate lists are half men and half women. And non-binary people can occupy the spots of both men and women.

But in practice, more men than women turn out to sign up, preventing the 50-50 distribution. Soon it becomes clear how many municipalities Volt participates in.

According to Strolenberg, at least there are more than ten. Party leader Dassen said in July that Volt cant participate everywhere and that โ€œsometimes you have to go less quickly, to move on.โ€

Short preparation time

Volt wants to stick to the parity, because the party considers an equal representation important. Strolenberg stresses that Volt is a young party, and the prep time for the municipal election briefly. In a short period of time, the number of members in the Netherlands has grown from 1200 to 12,000.

Volt competed in the House of Representatives for the first time in March of this year, and then made three seats. The municipal elections will be held on March 16, 2022.