Volunteers searching for missing man in Apeldoorn

In Apeldoorn this morning volunteers have gathered to search for the missing Dennis Schoonhoven. The 25-year-old man has been missing since Wednesday morning at 09.00 hours. He disappeared that day from an institution in Apeldoorn and did not return there.

According to Ramona Urk of the Coordination Platform for Missing Persons (CPV), there are about 500 volunteers on the ground. A reporter from Omroep Gelderland keeps it at 150 volunteers. The police are supervising the search and checking, among other things, whether mouth caps are being worn. The parents of Schoonhoven are also present.

Today in Apeldoorn and surroundings, drones and dogs are searched for Schoonhoven. “We have divided a map of the area into boxes and each search team is assigned one of these boxes to search for”, says Urk of the CPV. “It is a large area, but we will continue to search until the entire area has been combed out

“We just want to find him

Schoonhoven disappeared Wednesday from a mental health institution in Apeldoorn, where he had been staying in a closed ward since March. There has been a lot of searching for him the past few days. His family is very worried. “He has autism and can’t take care of himself. We just don’t have any leads and we really don’t know where he is,” Mother Maike said earlier.

Burcu Nijzing, Dennis’ personal companion, says to Omroep Gelderland that he is happy with the turnout. “The parents are also really grateful. We just hope that today will bring something. That is of course the goal. The family is of course very sad and worried. We keep hope, we just want to find him.”

Schoonhoven has a narrow stature, light blond hair and wore a black T-shirt, dark blue sweater and short blue jeans. He was carrying a bag from chain store Action.