Voting tampering and stealing secret documents: Trump investigations at a glance

What happened?

Secret Documents ‘About Nuclear Weapons’

It happened last Monday for the first time ever: an FBI raid on a former president‘s home. Officers were looking for documents that Trump would have taken with him while he was still president. Because: that is not allowed. Everything a president does or says must be preserved.

But when Trump had to leave the White House, he took months to return those documents about his work. In the end, he did, but maybe not everything: that’s why the FBI invaded his villa.

According to Trump, this is all a witch hunt and there was nothing interesting among the documents anyway. But: according to The Washington Post newspaper, it would be documents about nuclear weapons. And of course, they should not fall into the wrong hands, because those nuclear weapons can do a lot of damage.

Whether something was found during the raid and what exactly is not yet clear. If it turns out that Trump really took documents from the White House, there could be consequences. He could be jailed for three years for destroying documents. Also, he will no longer be allowed to become president. Trump and his supporters say that‘s what it’s all about for his opponents: making sure he doesn‘t come to power anymore.

The Storming of the Capitol

A large group of Americans stormed their most important political building on January 6, 2021: the Capitol. This happened after a speech by Trump, in which he said, among other things, that the election results were wrong because he had won instead of Joe Biden. In this article, you can read exactly what happened that day.

Now a group of politicians are investigating how that could have happened, and especially whether it is Trump’s fault. That day, among other things, he gave a speech, calling on protesters to go to the Capitol. He would have known that some of them were armed.

A committee of inquiry is now questioning a lot of people who were there that day to find out if Trump was criminally engaged. If so, the commission can advise the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Trump. A judge then decides whether to get a sentence. In this case, too, this may mean that he will not be allowed to participate in the elections again in 2024. And for that reason, he also calls this investigation a witch hunt.

Cheating with voices

โ€œI just want to find 11,780 votes because we won the stateโ€. That‘s what Trump said on the phone after the 2021 presidential election, to the ultimately responsible person in the state of Georgia. That state won Joe Biden, but Trump tried to change that on the phone.


is also an investigation into that conversation, and that action could also be punishable.

Trump’s companies

Then to Trump‘s family business: the Trump Organization. It is being investigated whether Trump and his family lied about the value of their property. That way, they would have been able to take out higher loans and received tax breaks. Not true, says Trump. This week, he was interrogated about it for six hours. During that interrogation, he released a statement: he was not going to answer the questions. His family members were also interrogated, but what they said is not (yet) known.

Trump’s other money matters are also under scrutiny: his accounting has been under investigation for some time. And earlier, a judge ruled that Trump had to provide insight into his tax returns, which he kept secret for a long time before. What consequences all these investigations could have for Trump and his business is not entirely clear yet.

How does this end for Trump?

These are four cases in short, but according to US media, there are at least twelve investigations into Donald Trump and his cases. There is also a writer who accuses him of rape, and a niece of Trump who takes him to court because she would still have $10 million from him. Trump, in turn, has sued her, The New York Times newspaper, and several journalists over articles about his tax returns.

The investigation that seems to be furthest now is that into his company, which he himself remained silent about in a long interrogation this week. Because that all takes place behind closed doors, it is difficult to predict anything about it. There will be occasional updates about the other studies, which is why we will update this article regularly in the coming period.