VR action Fracked is released on August 20

Studio NDreams, known by Phantom: Covert Ops, has announced a release date for virtual reality adventure action film Fracked. The game will appear on PS VR on August 20. In the meantime, the PlayStation Store has its demos available.

Developers have announced the release of an improved edition of Fracked. Deluxe Edition buyers will receive a set of stylish โ€œProtector of the Earthโ€ outfit, digital artbook and the same soundtrack.

Most importantly, they will be able to start playing three days early: on August 17. Pre-orders have already started.

For a regular edition, Fracked will have to give 1789 rubles, and for PS Plus subscribers this price is reduced to 1610 rubles. The improved edition was estimated at 2149 rubles.

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