VVD and CDA also want to continue with the current combination, ChristenUnie willing to talk along.

VVD and CDA want substantive discussions about a cabinet of these two parties with D66 and ChristenUnie. Thats what the party leaders Rutte and Hoekstra said after new consultations with informer Remkes. The Christian Union has also expressed its willingness to talk along.

Earlier today, D66 leader Kaag announced that she is willing to discuss a coalition of VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie, although she actually had a preference for a different composition.

According to Rutte, there is no continuation of the current coalition, but it really is a fresh start, in a new culture and with a new programme. โ€œThere is a huge amount of work in security, education, climate and housing market,โ€ he said.

See the reactions of Hoekstra and Rutte here.

Hoekstra added that his party takes responsibility in a very difficult political landscape. โ€œThe four of us are going to take the step to talk about all the major themes in substance. There must be enough for all four parties.โ€ He too wants a new governance culture.

After maintaining Remkes, Kaag reiterated that this coalition is โ€œnot her first, second or seventh choiceโ€. She also said she doesnt know if its going to work out: โ€œThe content is leading and were doing it right or we dont.โ€ According to her, the mainline document, which VVD and D66 wrote this summer, is an important start for the negotiations.

For VVD and CDA, a cabinet with D66 and ChristenUnie was the preferred coalition from the beginning.

Christian Union leader Segers is ready to join the negotiations. โ€œWe want to be part of the solution, not the problem,โ€ he says. It is a prerequisite that a new governance culture is being made real. โ€œPolitics and government must return to service to the country and to people who are designated for protection of that government.โ€