VVD and D66 want to move on quickly with informer Hamer

VVD and D66 want to hurry up with the progress of the cabinet formation. During the debate on the final report by Informer Tjeenk Willink, the two parties proposed appointing SER-President Mariรซtte Hamer as the new informer. She must finish her work by 6 June.

The name of Hamer had already been leaked yesterday and that led to indignation among various parties in the Chamber. PVV leader Wilders spoke of a farce and a charade. โ€œEverything has already been cooked up, we might as well go home,โ€ he said. JA21, SP and Party for the Dieren also protested.

However, according to the chairman of the VVD Group Rutte, there is no particular thing going on. โ€œWe have been doing this since we took the King out of the formation in 2012. Since that time, we have been doing this as a Chamber itself and of course there is consultation between ourselves about a next step.โ€

Major Challenges

According to D66 leader Kaag, who also submitted the proposal on behalf of Rutte, it is necessary to talk quickly about the formation of a new cabinet, given the major challenges facing us. As examples, she cited the coronacrisis and the climate problems. โ€œThere is every reason to move on quickly.โ€ Later today, it will be clear whether other parties want to join them.

Hamer must start working on a new cabinet from the content, says in the motion of the two parties. It must seek agreement on the problems in the economy and society that need to be addressed. After that, it is necessary to determine which parties should write a coalition agreement on the main lines.

Parties such as the PVV and SP were astonished that Kaag tabled this motion with Rutte, while last month she tabled a motion of censure against Rutte because of his actions in the Omtzigt affair. But according to Kaag, the responsibility she feels for tackling the problems counts heavily.

She herself nominated Pvdaer Hamer as a new informer. They say not to sort out for a cabinet with the PvdA, but because of its role from the Socio-Economic Council.

Cabinet meetings until the night

VVDer Rutte stood for more than two hours behind the platform, because many parties had questions about his ideas about a new governance culture, as he unfolded on Monday at Nieuwsuur. Rutte said in the debate that he wanted a โ€œfundamental resetโ€ of relations between the Cabinet and the Chamber and between the citizen and the government.

See here what Rutte means by a thin coalition agreement, what Simons thinks about cap changes, who according to Azarkan is sitting on whos lap and what according to Wilders has long been cooked up:

He acknowledged that his actions in recent years have not always contributed to a lively political debate. There was too much pre-cooked in the coalition, and that should turn into a subsequent cabinet. This means that there must be much more fundamental debate in the Friday Council of Ministers.

โ€œ We go back a bit to the times of the cabinet Den Uyl, with cabinet meetings until late into the night,โ€ said Rutte. โ€œNo more conversation with the Prime Minister in a Today, you can be happy if we make it to Newshour.โ€

Rutte thinks he needs help with aspects of this new governance culture. It will lead to more intense debates between coalition parties, whereas by nature he tends to keep conflicts small and to keep the atmosphere good. โ€œI know about myself,โ€ he said.

Now that he has presented his ideas for a new culture of governance, Rutte also hopes for reflection with the other group chairmen. โ€œI have now given an impetus. Get out of your role as a commentator and come up with ideas yourself.โ€