VVD is open to adjusting landlord tax

The VVD is willing to see if anything can change about the landlord charge. At the General Political Reflections in the House of Representatives, Deputy VVD Group Chairman Hermans said on questions from PvdA and GroenLinks that she is open to the suggestion.

According to PvdA and GroenLinks, as well as other parties, the levy for landlords of social rental housing must disappear altogether. They think that could help a lot of people in a house.

Hermans: โ€œI see and hear from all the stories that the landlord tax puts pressure on corporations, but I also see what amounts it is about.โ€ She wants to see if the levy can be reduced in part. However, performance agreements should be made with the corporations so that they actually build in exchange for lowering the levy. The VVD wants to pay in part with the billion euros set aside in the budget for business (the remaining BIK funds). Abolishing altogether finds Hermans going a step too far.

No appointments yet

The deputy group chairman stressed in the debate that she has not yet agreed with other parties on any budget adjustments. VVD leader Rutte announced this weekend that Hermans would be consulting with other parties โ€œin the political centerโ€.

When asked, Hermans said in the Chamber that she has only looked at the majority of the parties what their wishes and ideas are. โ€œNot to make agreements in advance, but because we have to look for majorities in this Chamber today and tomorrow, for broadproposals.โ€ She wants to โ€œtake stepsโ€ on a few topics. Hermans believes that the balance should be taken at the end of the debate.

The group chairmen do not speak in the normal order of the general considerations (first the largest opposition party, then the largest party of government, then the second opposition party, etc.). There is now talk in the order from big to small. This is done at the suggestion of GroenLinks leader Klaver, because Prime Minister Rutte himself said that there is no longer a coalition.

The order now agreed was one exception: because he had prepared for that, PVV group chairman Wilders remained the first speaker.

Wilders lashed out hard at D66 leader Kaag in the debate. She has failed to speak because she has been involved in preparing the budget as a minister herself. Last week she resigned as minister following an adopted motion of censure. She thinks it is โ€œdemocratically impureโ€ to comment on a budget she has contributed to. Wilders called Kaag a fearful lure, who fears the debate. Deputy D66 group chairman Jetten said Wilders has an obsession with Kaag.

Wilders: New Election

Wilders has no good word about the governments budget. He thinks its โ€œunbelievableโ€ that it wants to allocate nearly EUR 7 billion for climate policy. He wants to use that 7 billion to reduce rents, energy bills and excess in healthcare. โ€œAnd give homes to our own people,โ€ he added. Wilders reiterated his plea for new elections. He wants the government to dissolve the Chamber.

In the debate, Christian Union leader Segers Wilders called for less to play on the person and keep things more business:โ€œ When the National Counterterrorism and Security Coordinator says there is a relationship between public debate expressions and threat levels for people who must fear for all kinds of threats, I dont understand that youre making it so personal and finding the boundary.โ€ Wilders called Segers call more false than false. โ€œIll say what I find in the harshest terms. I do that from this place in a nonviolent, democratic way.โ€