VVD opposes the asylum law of its own Secretary of State

VVD Secretary of State for Asylum Eric van der Burg is on a collision course with his own party members in the House of Representatives. Van der Burg is working on a law that allows him to force municipalities that refuse to receive asylum seekers to do so.

But that is met with opposition from the VVD group, insiders report to Nieuwsuur.

The bill, which became known in The Hague as the Coercive Act, should have been ready on 1 October so that it could take effect on 1 January. But it is now mid-October, and the law is not ready yet.

The provinces, municipalities and coalition parties CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie have already agreed to the law, but the VVD is at odds. According to sources, the proposal was due to be approved by the Council of Ministers last week, but it was canceled at the last minute.

The liberals want the law to be only temporary, and not permanent, as the proposal now states. And, according to the VVD, a maximum should be included per municipality, so that the number of asylum seekers that a municipality is forced to take in remains limited.

In order to accommodate his own party, Van der Burg has now renamed the bill a โ€œdistribution lawโ€. But in terms of content, he does not want to make further concessions When discussing the issue, tempers have run high in recent days. โ€œThe Secretary of State is done with it,โ€ says sources around Van der Burg.