VVD puts pressure on cabinet: new nuclear power plants in Borssele are stepping up this year

The VVD in the House of Representatives believes that the cabinet is not speeding up the construction of new nuclear power plants. The cabinet has yet to designate Borssele as a favorite location this year and start legislation, according to the VVD, otherwise it risks becoming a lost year.

The party refers to the agreement in the coalition agreement that two new nuclear power plants will be added. The war in Ukraine makes it clear once again how necessary an independent energy supply is, says MP Erkens. Nuclear energy is clean, reliable and a logical solution for a full country like the Netherlands.

The VVD wants the two large new plants in Borssele to be built because there is already knowledge and experience there. The industry and ports, Borssele is located on the Westerschelde, can convert the generated electricity into hydrogen. There is also local support, partly because of employment, the party expects.

Borssele plays an important role in innovation and preserving knowledge about nuclear energy, says Erkens. The nuclear power plant must remain open for this purpose even after the previously planned closure in 2033. The VVD does not rule out a role as shareholder for the government in the central unit.

The cabinet must quickly come up with concrete proposals about how the agreement from the coalition agreement is implemented. New legislation that is necessary for this should still be sent to the House of Representatives this year. This year, the VVD also wants a public campaign about nuclear energy, nuclear waste and the new plants.

Storage needs to be added for the additional nuclear waste, such as recently due to Borsseles remaining open longer. As long as there is no permanent storage in the Netherlands for the new plants, agreements must be made with Finland and France. Erkens proposes to make this a requirement for the owners of the new plants.

Coalition Agreement

In the coalition agreement, VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie agreed that the cabinet takes the necessary steps for the construction of two new nuclear power plants. This cabinet period has been set aside 5 billion euros for this.

Last month, ruling party CDA already came up with a plan for accelerated nuclear power. The party wants the cabinet to investigate the possibilities of mini-power plants. They could be running as early as 2030, expects MP Bontenbal.