VVD ‘superproud’; D66: policy now more progressive, CDA: disappointment

VVD leader Rutte has responded โ€œsuper proud and super happyโ€ to the exit poll of agency Ipsos.

Rutte stressed that the VVD is the largest party for the fourth time in a row and called it very special. According to him, the Netherlands is a center-right country. His party has already taken the lead several times to lead the Netherlands through a crisis, he said. He called the agenda โ€œhugeโ€ and he repeated that he wants a brief cabinet formation.

Rutte said once again that he would like to see an agreement soon reached on a plan to โ€œget the Netherlands out of the crisis again soon.โ€ Tomorrow he proposes to appoint a scout from his party. According to him, it is obvious to be the first to look at cooperation with D66.

In the case of D66, which appears to be the second party in size, the vote has been taken out. The leader Kaag called it โ€œan extraordinary achievementโ€. She wants to work with others and feels a great responsibility for this. According to her, the policy should be more progressive, fairer and greener. Among other things, she said that โ€œtackling the climate disaster cannot waitโ€.

Kaag quoted D66 founder Van Mierlo, who previously spoke of โ€œan insane adventure. According to her, Dutch people are not extreme and the message of optimism has resonated.

CDA leader Hoekstra, on the other hand, finds the result very disappointing. According to him, the VVD and D66 as winners should now be the first to take responsibility in the formation. He acknowledged that in the campaign โ€œnot everything went as hopedโ€ and he also pointed out that he has only been a leader for twelve weeks.

Foreman Segers of the fourth governing party Christian Union Segers pointed out in particular that the political landscape has been further fragmented and spoke of a new political reality. He said that his party took responsibility and acted fairly politically. โ€œWe have stood in the mud with our legs,โ€ he added. He doesnt want to anticipate the formation.

Wilders: probably in opposition

PVV foreman Wilders had hoped for some more seats, but he stressed that over a million voters voted for his party. โ€œWe are still the third party and probably the largest opposition party,โ€ he also said. Wilders acknowledged that the chances of the PVV coming into the cabinet are very small. Wilders intends to continue to hear โ€œthe authentic PVV soundโ€ from the opposition.

The Animals Party responds happily. List puller Ouwehand stressed that it seems to be the best result in the history of the party. She said that her party is the only one who wants a โ€œradical system changeโ€ and that more and more people are joining it.

Disappointment at SP and GroenLinks

Disappointment is precisely with the SP. That party had expected a better result than the 8 seats shown by the exit poll, a loss of 6. Party leader Marijnissen believes that the coronacrisis played a major role and that many voters chose the established parties. She would have preferred the campaign to discuss the payment affair more. At first glance, it does not seem obvious to her that the SP enters the cabinet.

Green Left leader Klaver said that the rash is painful and that it is โ€œgetting used toโ€ after many victories. โ€œBut political life also includes losing.โ€ According to him, the initiative in the formation should now lie with VVD and D66.

JA21 and Volt, both seem to be entering the Chamber for the first time, are delighted. JA21-foreman Eardmans said, โ€œWe come in out of nowhere on three; we have a good foot between the door in the House of Representativesโ€. And Volt leader Dassen said it looks like Volt is coming to a national parliament for the first time. โ€œHopefully that will be a starting shot for Volt in other countries,โ€ he added.

SGP foreman Van der Staaij calls it โ€œa great blessingโ€ when his party holds three seats.

Think-leader Azarkan spoke of a disappointing result. โ€œBut many parties have also participated,โ€ he mentioned as a possible explanation. According to him, the sound on the left should be amplified.

Listler Simons van BIH1 is pleased with the according to her โ€œmuch-needed entranceโ€ that seems to make her party in the Chamber. And from the Farmers Citizens Movement comes a similar reaction: โ€œIt just succeeded!โ€ , says leader Van der Plas.

The leader of 50PLUS Den Haan is โ€œvery happyโ€ that her party seems to be getting a seat. According to some polls, the party threatened to disappear completely from the Chamber. She acknowledged that there has also been a great deal of confusion about the AOW pension position of her party. Den Haan hopes that 50PLUS will receive โ€œat least one seatโ€ when the votes are counted.

Less accurate

Because of the corona measures, there are practically nobig meetings with many politicians.

Almost everyone stressed that this is only an exit poll. According to Ipsos, because of the vote by letter and the fact that three days could be voted a little less accurate than in previous elections.