VVD wanted best information conversations with links, CDA really didnt

At a crucial stage of the cabinet formation, the VVD was prepared to negotiate with the two left-wing parties GroenLinks and PvdA. There has even been an additional group meeting in which VVD leader Rutte got the green light for this from his group mates. Sources confirm that to theCCeit.

Why these negotiations didnt go ahead is not a blockade of VVD leader Rutte. Because of a confluence of circumstances, it just never made it that far.

On Thursday 19 August, the VVD Group will meet. The two left-wing parties would form a fraction together, as the VVD MPs were told. It is the week under the guidance of informer Hamer to find a way out of the deadlock. The formation is completely in the slop.

D66 does not want to join the ChristenUnie, and VVD and CDA continue to refuse to negotiate with the two left-wing parties. Rutte and Hoekstra feel that one left-wing party too much and moreover it is not necessary for a majority. On the other hand, informer Hamer notes that the PvdA (Ploumen) and GroenLinks (Clover) will not let go of each other.


was a way out before summer. In informer Hamer, Klaver told Rutte that he and Ploumen have far-reaching plans for the two left-wing groups to work together much closer, the word merger even falls. Rutte keeps in mind that this can provide an opening, sources confirm. โ€œHes always looking for goat paths,โ€ says a person concerned. โ€œAnd here he saw one.โ€

VVD and D66 are starting their summer assignment of informer Hamer together to write a coalition agreement set -up. When the piece is finished, it turns out that the two leftists still dont want to let go of each other. Something VVD and CDA had hoped for. Rutte remembers his goat path and according to those involved, he has grown the idea that a merger of the left-wing groups could mean a new situation.

At GroenLinks and the PvdA they say there has never been a concrete merger plan. However, a far-reaching form of cooperation could eventually lead to a merger if the negotiations do indeed lead to left-wing participation in a cabinet. In the heads at VVD and D66, a merger is closer, they do assume that the left would like to go so far. Sources say there have been signals about that as well.

Return to the VVDs group meeting on August 19. The left-wing merger is on the table there. If PvdA and GroenLinks announce a merger, Rutte is ready to start the negotiations. He gets permission from his group to negotiate in that case.

On that same day, CCeit learns that the merger plan is seen as a serious option. VVD and D66 speak to the informer about it. DeCCeit brings it like big news. The left-wing parties are not amused . Raiding by the news coverage starts the resistance to imaging. Merging โ€œbecause the right wants toโ€, of course, cannot be involved. As long as the backers know.

Its a stripe through the PvdA and GroenLinks account. They have lost control of their own plans for a close collaboration. That while it was already sensitive with the Pvda group. One group chairman who has to be the figurehead of two parties? MPs who have to share their portfolios and hence influence with another? In the PvdA, old-timers like former party chairman Hans Spekman and former MP Adri Duivesteijn are immediately involved in the discussion. โ€œThe end of the PvdA has been deployed,โ€ says Duivesteijn.

Ploumen and Clover are forced to drum up the parliamentary press on Friday 20 August to tell them that they will operate as a single team during the formation. They actually didnt want to unfold their plans until a week later in peace. โ€œA special stepโ€, Klaver calls the collaboration during the press moment in the Hague Central hall.ร‚ But its not a merger. They go far less than VVD and D66 thought.

The debris block Ruttes goat path. The VVD says that same night that two left-wing parties are still one too many. It doesnt matter to CDA leader Hoekstra. His party would not have been adamant even after a left-wing group merger. He was much harder than Rutte, although at the VVD they assumed that it could change.

So the image that it was especially Rutte who felt nothing for conversations with the left does need some revision. Whether the collaboration between Clover and Ploumen and a possible merger on the far horizon are enough for a rematch in the coming weeks.

The CDA will hold a party congress tomorrow. That will be broadcast live on NPO Politics from 9.15 am.