VVD will think about position ex-member Hofstadgroep, ‘feels uncomfortable’

The VVD is going to think about the position Soumaya Sahla, who has been convicted in the past for prohibited possession of weapons and membership of a terrorist organization. VVD group chairman Hermans said in the TV show WNL on Sunday that she left an โ€œuncomfortable feelingโ€ after the debate on the government statement. โ€œIts our responsibility to think about it.โ€

In the debate on the government statement, last Tuesday and Wednesday, PVV leader Wilders asked why the VVD is a former member of the Hofstadgroep Sahla, now table chairman terrorism and radicalization at the VVD. She was convicted as a member of the Hofstadgroep for prohibited possession of arms and membership of a terrorist organization.

Wilders is furious about it because he was on the death list at this terrorist organization. โ€œIts about someone convicted of carrying a machine gun, an automatic gun, and a revolver,โ€ Wilders said. โ€œSomeone who was arrested on the street with Nouredine El F., who was on his way to Ayaan Hirsi Ali (former VVD MP red). and the undersigned, to take us off.โ€ Wilders repeatedly spoke about โ€œthe terroristโ€ Soumaya Sahla.

In the debate, Wilders also included Sahlas sister Fonda, who is in the House of Representatives for D66. She wears a headscarf, something that the PVV has been fighting against for a long time. โ€œWe are the Dutch parliament. With a head scarf, you can sit in the parliament in Saudi Arabia.โ€ Part of the Chamber protested fiercely against that attack.

No card

It is not clear exactly what Sahlas position is at the VVD. The VVDs website states that she is table chairman terrorism and radicalization. It also says: โ€œSoumaya advises various politicians and governments on this theme.โ€

VVD Prime Minister Rutte stressed in the debate that Sahla is not a member of the VVD and does not have a pass to enter the House of Representatives. Hermans also repeated this at WNL today. โ€œShe is not employed by the VVD and does not have a Chamber Pass.โ€ Hermans also said Sahla has already been convicted. โ€œWere keeping something awkward.โ€

Hermans did not answer the question of what exactly โ€œthinkingโ€ means. โ€œIm sitting in my stomach with this. Lets give us time to think about this carefully.โ€ The spokesperson for the VVD Group was also unable to provide any further details about Hermans comments. Hermans spoke not only on behalf of the VVD Group, which she is the chairman of, but on behalf of the party.

It is also not yet known how long the VVD will take to โ€œthinkโ€ about Sahla. Hermans didnt want to give a term to this.

On Tuesday evening, Sahla herself responded to the fuss about her presidency in Nieuwsuur and said he was surprised that Wilders โ€œblows so high off the tower.โ€