VVDers start petition against reign with GroenLinks

A group of VVDers is turning fiercely against reign with GroenLinks. This group, united under the name of Classical Liberal, comes with a petition to call on party leader Mark Rutte not to engage with that party.

VVDer Ad Lagas, chairman of the Classical Liberal group, says that GroenLinks is too far from the VVD. For example, the energy transition would not be in safe hands with that party, says Lagas. He fears โ€œpastures full of solar panelsโ€.

The Hague is currently talking about a coalition of five parties: VVD, D66, CDA, GL and PvdA. But that coalition now seems difficult to achieve for a number of reasons. CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra made it clear that he had trouble with such a combination and Mark Rutte said that he shares those concerns.

Classical Liberal, including aldermen and former MPs, goes one step further. Where Rutte is reluctant to rule with two left parties but is sympathetic to working with PvdA or GroenLinks, this group of VVDers wants a coalition with GroenLinks to be excluded at all.

Classical Liberaal was founded by VVDers who think their party turns left too often. They do not like to rule with GroenLinks. โ€œI think a lot of members, I cant name a percentage, that are not like, says Lagas to Nieuwsuur. โ€œWe want to organise a petition in which we call on people to sign it and in which we call on Mark Rutte not to go with GroenLinks.โ€

Prefer with ChristenUnie

According to Lagas, who lives in farming area near Ommen, there is a significant rural VVD which will feel too much the consequences of government participation by the Green Left. He hopes that the Christian Union will be reformed, if only because the electorate has given the present cabinet a majority. โ€œOur appeal to Mark Rutte is: try to form a coalition as it is today. So CDA, VVD, D66 and CU. Other: a minority cabinet of CDA, VVD and D66. But not with the left.โ€

โ€œ We could still consider involving the PvdA.โ€ In Rutte II, that party โ€œworked well with the VVDโ€, argues Lagas. โ€œBut for us, GroenLinks is a no go.โ€

Although it is very questionable whether this sound of Classical Liberal represents a majority of the party, the group usually gets a significant minority vote for its views at party meetings. Rutte will now have to think about whether and how he keeps that part of the party happy.