VVV-Captain Danny Post raises his hard at teammates: ‘Good, no seeing anyone’

Captain Danny Post of VVV-Venlo was hard for some of his teammates after the defeat at PSV (4-1).

The captain appeared in front of FOX Sports camera a few seconds after the last whistle and did not turn his heart into a pit of murder.

โ€œ In advance you say: losing 4-1 on PSV is one of the possibilities, but in the first half we made it very difficult for them. In peace, we told each other that we should at least keep bringing the same thing, but if you see the second half…โ€

Post was disappointed by the way Christiaan Kum just before rest – with a clumsy tackle, gave away a penalty, allowing PSV to get to 1-1 and start the second half with good courage. โ€œIt‘s not the first time Chris has done. He’s got a lot of experience. Why does he do something like that? Yes, you should ask him.โ€

Linksback Lukas Schmitz also got it from Post. He had PSV defender Olivier Boscagli make the 2-1. โ€œActually, I think that corner is the worst. We stand man to man, but he‘s heading that ball right in. I think it’s really outrageous. You can‘t lose that duel. I think that PSV guy was only six feet tall. We’re just giving away another present. Like, here‘s it.โ€

VVV-Venlo occupies fifteenth place after fourteen duels. Although the Limburgers can still go to the seventeenth place this week as Willem II and ADO win. In addition, earlier this season was lost with no less than 13-0 to Ajax.

,, You are so busy with being all, to get out of this situation. You know we’re having a really hard time, and we‘re lacking trust. Then we start well today, but give it away,โ€ says the Redless Post, like: shoot me.

The captain is looking forward to the short winter stop. โ€œYes, it’s nice that we have a break now. I like it personally, too. Just to see no one…โ€