VVV has enough for one goal and a late world rescue in Dordt.

VVV-Venlo has won a Kitchen Champion Division competition for the second time this season. The Limburgers won 0-1 at FC Dordrecht through a goal by Levi Smans and a class rescue by goalkeeper Lukas Zima in injury time.
The two teams were matched in the first half, but it was the formation from Venlo that got ahead just before the break. Smans was in the right place to enter a cross by Yahcuroo Roemer and give VVV the 1-0 lead at just the right time. The arbitrator whistled before the break less than a minute after the hit.
In the second half, Dordrecht did everything possible to force the equalizer from the eighty minute. Earlier, Joeri Schroijen and Brian Koglin had neglected to double the margin on behalf of VVV and so the Sheep heads smoke that there was still a result in it. In injury time that seemed to come when Stijn Meijer showed up at the second post to enter the ball, but a great rescue from keeper Zima caused the Venloners to take the points.

๐Ÿ˜ฎ Giant chance for @FCDordrechtnl in the very last minute, but Lukรกลก Zima saves and is the hero for @VVVVenlo! #DORVVV pic.twitter.com/r1oHxR1O3o
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 5, 2021