VVV wants to continue with Luhukay despite fuss, ‘four players are approaching exit ‘

VVV-Venlo has closed the lines after the unrest surrounding trainer Jos Luhukay. In fact, the Northern Limburgers will talk to Der Jos about contract extension, confirms managing director Marco Bogers opposite Voetbal International.
Just before the winter break, Luhukay and VVV were suddenly the center of attention. According to the regional press, a number of players would have really talked about the coach‘s working method. Luhukay himself knew nothing and the call from Bogers โ€” who called for dissatisfied players to hand in their contract โ€” did not produce a response. โ€œThe news about that dissatisfaction was in De Limburger, for us it remains guessing where it came from. In any case, the fact is that all noses rise the same way again. No one has indicated that they disagree with anything, so they all just have to do their job now,โ€ says Bogers.
In any case, Luhukay stays where he sits and VVV even talks about an extended collaboration. โ€œJust assume he’
ll be our trainer next year as well. We‘re in talks about that. As a club, we made a lot of effort to bring Jos to VVV. We are grateful that he has taken responsibility,โ€ Bogers refers to his interim arrival after Hans de Koning’s resignation and subsequent relegation to the Eredivisie. โ€œAnd we have remained loyal, while he is certainly still being pulled from Germany.โ€
VVV does seem to say goodbye to a number of players. Tobias Pachonik and Kristopher Da Graca are pressing heavily on the budget and are allowed to look forward to a new employer. Czech goalkeeper Lukรกs Zima lost his regular spot under the bar this season and seems to be leaving as well. Mercenary Erik Sorga from Estonia is about to return to the American DC United. VVV strengthened itself just before Christmas with Nick Venema and hopes to attract ‘a profound midfielder and a right winger’, confirms Bogers.