“VWS tried to get meal service providers to download corona app

The Ministry of Health has asked the Dutch Association of Meal Suppliers (NLVVM) to ask delivery staff to download the corona app, reports NRC.

“I would like to ask you to also ask your deliverers to download the app, so that they can prevent unconscious contamination”, is stated in an e-mail from the ministry to the association.

Minister De Jonge (CDA) wrote to the Lower House in July that people should never, directly or indirectly, be forced to use the CoronaMelder.

“It can be very difficult to say no to such a request from your employer. For example, you may think that otherwise you will lose your job”, according to a spokesperson for the Personal Data Authority.


A spokesperson for the ministry acknowledges to the newspaper that meal deliverers should not be asked for this. “That the use of the app is voluntary, we should have mentioned in the e-mail. We will bring this to your attention.”