Wake and re-protests in Minneapolis after shooting black man

In and around the American city of Minneapolis again protested for the death of Daunte Wright, who died last weekend after a cop shot him. Local police say it has every appearance that it happened by accident, because the cop thought her gun was a surge weapon.

The death of Wright, a 20-year-old black man, has been creating a tense atmosphere in Minneapolis for days. Also because in the city the trial is taking place against former agent Derek Chauvin, who is on trial for the death of George Floyd.

Police have released body cam footage of Wright‘s shooting, telling us the officer was trying to use her taser:

According to the police, Wright was held up because his license plate was expired. During the checkup, the officers found out he was wanted because of staying out of the courtroom when he was on trial for illegal possession of weapons and attempted escape from the police.

On the night of Sunday to Monday protests led to destruction and confrontations with the police, but last night the demonstrations seemed less massive and less violent. However, a curfew imposed by the authorities because of the unrest was ignored by an angry crowd.

The police then used flash grenades to disperse the group of protesters. โ€œHands up! Do not shootโ€ the protesters scanned to the riot agents.

Also last night, the police used tear gas:

Earlier in the evening, a vigil for the shot Wright was held. There the twenties was described by his next of kin as a benign father who worked around to make his 2-year-old son happily grow up.

โ€œ My heart is broken. I miss him a lot, and he’s only been dead for one day,โ€ said his mother in a speech. She doesn‘t believe Wright was killed as a result of a mistake. A half-brother of Wright added: โ€œHe died because the police are keen to shoot.โ€

Restoration of trust

President Biden has called on everyone to keep their peace. โ€œPeaceful protest is understandable, but there is no justification for violence,โ€ he said from the White House.

On Twitter, he writes that the investigation into Wright’s death should be awaiting, but that โ€œat least we must work to restore confidence and ensure that no one is above the lawโ€.