Wake-up call 28/8: Rotterdam comes with a decree on mouth caps – Half-yearly figures for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Good morning! Rotterdam will decide whether to continue the trial with mandatory mouth caps in parts of the city. And Schiphol publishes half-yearly figures to show how hard the corona crisis is hitting Dutch aviation.

Today, the sun and pile clouds alternate and a few rain and thunderstorms fall scattered across the country. With a strong southwest wind it becomes 18 to 22 degrees. Tonight and tonight it gradually gets drier. Along the coast a shower is still possible. The weekend is cool and changeable with regular showers and temperatures around 19 degrees.

Are you going out on the road today? Here you will find an overview of the activities. Check here the adjusted timetable for the railways.

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“His speech was a mix of optimistic views (“America is the torch that lights the whole world”) and hell and damnation (“everything we have achieved is in danger”)”, writes correspondent Arjen van der Horst.

Other news from the night:

Automotive and motorcycle industry experiences largest decline in turnover in 25 years: importers of new passenger cars saw turnover plummet by more than 40 percent as a result of the corona crisis. Six deaths due to hurricane Laura in Louisiana, damage less than feared: the hurricane caused a lot of material damage, but the consequences are less catastrophic than previously expected. More cancer in the Netherlands than in other EU countries: this is partly because the Netherlands has more female smokers than other countries. Only in Denmark and Ireland there are relatively more cancer cases, says the Integral Cancer Centre of the Netherlands. FNV wants to enforce homework compensation: now that many people have to work from home for longer, according to the union, agreements have to be made about compensation for a workplace at home, but also about privacy and accessibility.

And then this:

Therefore the Netherlands has grown 1.80 meters this week. In Essen in Belgium, south of Roosendaal, it turned out that the border line was not exactly where it should have been.

Thank goodness the Driving Judge didn’t have to be involved. The groundbreaking intervention on the paving is carried out in consultation between Essen and Roosendaal

Fine day!