Wake-up call 31/8: MH17 process resumed – Opening of academic year

Good morning! Universities traditionally open the academic year today and the court case about the downing of flight MH17 continues

First the weather: it’s cloudy with occasional sunshine. In most places it stays dry and it gets a maximum of 19 degrees. Tonight and tonight there are showers in the north.

Are you going on the road today? Here’s an overview of the work. Check here the adjusted rail timetable.

What can you expect today?

The chairmen of the safety regions meet again to discuss the coronavirus measures. Minister of Justice Grapperhaus is also present at the consultations. One of the topics discussed was corona in asylum seekers‘ centres. The court case about the downing of flight MH17 was resumed. Today, the legal aid team of the next of kin is given the floor. Universities traditionally open the academic year. Because of the corona virus, many online programs have been developed. Some universities have physical meetings, but with far fewer people. The summer holidays are really over for students, now that children in the middle of the country are attending primary and secondary school again. Last week the school year started in the south region, the week before that in the north region

What did you miss?

For the first time in 2.5 years, the number of people on welfare has risen again. In the past six months, 12,000 people received social assistance benefits, according to Statistics Netherlands. The increase started just before the second quarter, just after the start of the corona crisis.

Especially young people ended up more in welfare. In the group under the age of 27 this number increased by more than 5 percent last year. Among the over-45s the increase was much smaller: 0.4 percent

The increase in welfare payments can be seen among people of all backgrounds. People with a Dutch or western background as well as people with a non-western background ended up more on welfare benefits.

Other news from the night:

Asylum seekers in danger due to data leak at the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers: at least 150 suspected victims of human trafficking may have been endangered by the error. Their personal details were accidentally published on COA’s website, reports the newspaper NRC. In Montenegro the pro-Russian and pro-Serbian opposition claimed victory: almost all votes of the parliamentary elections were counted. If the opposition parties succeed in forming a government, it means the end of a period of 30 years during which the pro-Western party DPS was in power. There are considerably more registrations with student associations this year: last academic year some 10,000 students registered with an association, this year more than 15,000. Figures from the umbrella organization of 48 student associations show this

And then there’s this:

Louis van Gaal is open for a third term as national coach of the Dutch national team. Should the KNVB approach him, he will think about it, he said at questions of the CCeit.

The KNVB is looking for a new national coach, since the departure of Ronald Koeman to Barcelona. The 69-year old Van Gaal has been national coach of the Dutch Team twice already. Last year he announced his retirement as coach. In 2014 he led the Netherlands to third place at the World Cup.

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