Wake-up call 3/9: Marengo process resumed – Tihange nuclear reactor closure ruling

Good morning! The Marengo trial continues today and the court in Brussels decides whether the Tihange nuclear reactor can remain in operation.

Today the clouds dominate and there are periods of rain. With a moderate to fairly strong southwest wind it becomes 17 to 20 degrees this afternoon. Tomorrow and in the weekend there is still a chance of a shower, but the sun will break through a bit more often.

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What can you expect today?

The Marengo trial, with Ridouan Taghi as prime suspect in a series of liquidations, is resumed. It’s the first hearing day after a challenge request from some of the defendants’ lawyers has been rejected. After years of legal battle, the court in Brussels decides whether the Tihange nuclear reactor can remain in operation. Municipalities in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium demand closure because the reactor has hairline cracks. Local residents are very concerned about the safety of the reactor. But experts say it is safe enough. In Slovakia, the verdict against the three main suspects in the murder of the Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancรฉe. The demand is 25 years. The murder of the journalist led to popular protests and the fall of the government. The verdict is eagerly awaited. It would show the world that the legal system in Slovakia is in order

What did you miss?

Ferdinand Grapperhaus (CDA) remains on as Minister of Justice. The motion of no-confidence, which the PVV had submitted after the much-discussed course of events at Grapperhaus’ wedding, did not receive a majority in the House of Representatives. The motion of censure by the PvdA also failed.

The credibility of Grapperhaus has suffered a dent, according to all parties, after images of his wedding showed that he and the wedding guests had not kept a distance.

Grapperhaus expressed regret and had to promise to make sure people who get a corona fine don’t get a criminal record.

Other news from the night:

Much more lung transplants thanks to the repair of rejected lungs: due to a new technique to repair the lungs, the number of lung transplants has doubled in the past two years. Court: Whistleblower Snowden revealed illegal eavesdropping: Snowden revealed in 2013 that the U.S. security service stores internet and phone data on a large scale. Package delivery at pick-up points is a lot more sustainable than home delivery: because delivery vans then have to drive around less, less CO2 is emitted, according to research by TNO. Advice: the government should tackle subsidence in peat meadows: intensification of agriculture is causing the soil to sink in many places. The advice is that the government should be actively involved in this

And then there was this:

The American daredevil David Blaine took to the air hanging from a forest with dozens of large balloons. Above the desert in the American state of Arizona he reached a height of 9144 meters. With a parachute he returned safely to earth. The stunt lasted half an hour and Blaine loved it. “It’s magical,” he said.

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