Wake-up call 4/9: ruling in ‘Lesser Moroccan Process’ – Belarusian opposition leader speaks for UN

Good morning! The court of appeal is pronouncing on the appeal in the ‘less-Moroccan case’ against Geert Wilders

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The Court of Appeal is ruling on the appeal in the ‘less-Moroccan case’ against Geert Wilders. In 2016 the PVV leader was convicted by the court in The Hague for group insults and incitement to discrimination, but he was not punished for that. The Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya addresses the UN Security Council about the situation in her country. She is doing so via video link from Lithuania where she fled after last month’s elections

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Secondary school students receive an average of 147 euros a month in pocket money, dress money and wages from part-time jobs, Nibud calculated. They receive an average of 35 euros more compared to four years ago, when the institute did its last research. More young people now also receive change.

Most of the money students spend on clothes is about 48 euros a month on average. Yet more than half of them think they are short of money. That picture is mainly due to what young people see on social media, researchers say.

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The seriously injured man was found in a schoolyard in the northeast of the city. Resuscitation attempts were to no avail. Occupy-activist and anthropologist David Graeber (59) died: The American activist and scientist was best known for his role in the anti-capitalist protest movement Occupy Wall Street in the US. Quarter of Dutch people see drug use or drug trafficking in their own neighbourhood: Approximately 4 percent of Dutch people experience a lot of nuisance as a result, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands

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The second edition of the Nations League started yesterday evening and today the relatively new UEFA tournament is bursting at the seams for the Dutch national team as well. Tonight, the Dutch Team plays against Poland in the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. But the Nations League has a rather complicated setup. There are several divisions, there is a promotion and relegation scheme plus an escape route to the World Cup. CCeit answered six questions about the tournament.

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