Wake-up call 5/9: Care personnel put on shoe – Protest ‘The Night Watch’

Good morning! At the Malieveld there is a demonstration for care personnel and under the motto ‘The Night Watch’ nightclub owners stand up for the interests of clubs and discotheques.

Overcast and rain are moving quickly out of the country this morning. Then the sun breaks through every now and then, and this afternoon there is another shower. It gets 17 to 19 degrees and the westerly wind is moderate. Tomorrow there will be more showers, early next week it will be dry with regular sunshine.

Are you going on the road today? Here’s an overview of the work. Check here the adjusted rail timetable.

What can you expect today?

At the Malieveld in The Hague there is a demonstration by the care sector, but without care staff. They symbolically put their shoes in the grass and plead for more salary and less work pressure. Under the motto ‘The Night Watch’, dozens of nightclub owners on the Museumplein in Amsterdam are calling attention to the consequences of the corona crisis for nightlife. They are afraid that nightlife will disappear from the city. Last week it became clear that nightclubs and discotheques will remain closed for the time being. At the National Indies Monument in Roermond soldiers who died in the former Dutch East Indies and New Guinea are commemorated. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis spoke, a wreath was laid and a minute’s silence was held. In qualifying for the Grand Prix of Italy Max Verstappen hopes to conquer the best possible starting spot for Sunday’s race at the Monza circuit. In the Tour de France the peloton will travel through the Pyrenees for a 141 kilometre mountain stage

What did you miss?

Donald Trump says he hasn’t seen any proof yet that Aleksej Navalny has been poisoned. At the same time he said in a press conference not to doubt the German investigation which shows that the Russian opposition leader has been administered the nerve poison Novichok: “I don’t know exactly what happened. I think it’s tragic, it’s terrible, it shouldn’t have happened.”

Earlier, the US expressed ‘serious concern’ about the matter to Russia. Germany, where Navalny is being dealt with, went further and demands explanations from Russia, but the Russian government denies being involved.

Other news from the night:

CBS also has a coronadashboard now – how are we doing these days?: The dashboard contains graphs about the state of the economy, such as consumption figures, unemployment and mobility. According to CBS, this is how the impact of the crisis becomes visible.

Shot down Jacob Blake via video link in front of the judge: Blake has to answer to the judge for assault, trespassing and disorder. Those accusations date from before he was shot. The shooting of the black American man led to days of unrest in the city of Kenosha.

A pub brawl ends in a stabbing in Wezep, 4 injured: Nobody is in mortal danger, but two victims have stab wounds. The police picked up a 34 year old man from Hattem.

Bolivia wants to sue former president Morales at Strafhof in The Hague: Morales, who lives in exile in Argentina, called on supporters to block roads in order to put pressure on the Bolivian government not to postpone the elections. According to Bolivia this indirectly killed at least 40 people, because hospitals could not be supplied.

And then this:

Never before had an athlete walked nearly 20 miles within the hour. The Dutch athlete Sifan Hassan did this last night in Brussels, breaking the 12 year old world endurance record.

In the Diamond League match Memorial Van Damme Hassan ran 18,930 metres, more than 400 metres more than the previous record of 18,517 metres from 2008.

Have a nice day!