Wake-up call 6/9: Grand Prix of Italy – Turkish army exercise at Cyprus

Good morning! This afternoon the Italian Grand Prix will be held with Lewis Hamilton in pole position. And the replica of a VOC ship in Amsterdam will be taken out of the water for major maintenance.

Every now and then the sun shines, but there are also some showers, most of them in the north of the country. There is a moderate westerly wind and it gets about 17 degrees this afternoon. After the weekend it stays dry for a couple of days and with a maximum of 20 degrees it is a bit warmer.

Are you going on the road today? Here you can find an overview of the activities. Check here the adjusted rail timetable.

What can you expect today?

This afternoon the Grand Prix of Italy will be ridden. Lewis Hamilton is on pole position, Max Verstappen starts in fifth place. Turkey holds an army exercise at Cyprus, called Mediterranean Storm. The exercise comes amid rising tensions with Greece and Cyprus over gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea. The VOC ship at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam went into the dock for maintenance for five months. The replica needed major maintenance to ensure that the ship did not run out of water. In the 9th stage of the Tour de France the riders will ride from Pau to Laruns over 154 kilometres. The mountain stage will start around 13.00 hrs. Both events can be followed online in blogs. The Tour-appearance can of course also be followed via Radio Tour de France and on NPO 1

What did you miss?

In the state of New York in the U.S., the death of a black man is being investigated in March. The prosecutor sets up a so-called grand jury to determine if there’s enough evidence to prosecute a group of cops.

Daniel Prude walked naked and confused down the street. When he started to spit, he was arrested by cops, who pulled a bag over his head and pushed him to the ground for minutes. Last week, footage was brought out of bodycams of the officers involved. This led to several days of protest in Rochester, where the incident took place.

Other news from the night:

Campers California with helicopters evacuated because of forest fire. The only access road is not accessible due to the fire. There is a large operation going on of the National Guard to bring people with helicopters to safety.

Another massive protest in Jerusalem against Prime Minister Netanyahu: The demonstrators think he is tackling the coronacrisis the wrong way. In addition, Netanyahu is involved in several corruption cases. Two officers were injured during the demonstration, thirteen people were arrested.

Rescue workers in Beirut: No sign of life under rubble: On Thursday the Lebanese received a glimmer of hope when a rescue team observed the breathing and heartbeat of a possible survivor of the explosion. But by Saturday night, that hope had vanished.

And then there’s this:

The International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen celebrates its 40th anniversary. That should have been celebrated, but the festival was cancelled. At least that’s what everyone thought. At 21.30 Saturday evening, unexpectedly a big show took place, with drones and fireworks.

Have a nice day!