Wake-up call 8/9: Police searching for missing friends since 1974 – Day against Illiteracy

Good morning! The police are going to investigate again the disappearance of two friends from Brabant in 1974. And the opposition leader of Belarus is addressing a committee of the Council of Europe today during a video interview.

First the weather: a lot of clouds with a local chance of some rain, but the sun can also break through here and there. It gets about 20 degrees.

Are you going on the road today? You can find an overview of the activities here. Check the rail timetable here.

What can you expect today?

The police went into the water near Liessel in Brabant looking for the friends Piet Hรถlskens and Hans Martens from Asten. They have been missing since 1974. Today is World Literacy Day, the day set up to pay attention to low literacy all over the world. The opposition leader of Belarus, Svetlana Tichanovskaya, addresses a committee of the Council of Europe during a video conversation. Hospital employees of the Amsterdam UMC are holding an action meeting for a higher salary today. During the action, doctors and nurses form a human ribbon

What did you miss?

National politicians say they are threatened more often and more severely than a few years ago. The NRC reports this on the basis of a tour of group chairmen in the Lower House and other members of parliament.

They also claim to be harassed more often on the street, while threats were more often made on social media in the past.

Other news from the night:

Travel advice for Greek islands adjusted to orange: This means that all unnecessary trips are not recommended. Whoever returns from an orange area must spend ten days in home quarantine in the Netherlands. Zendmast Rijswijk (Gld) on fire for the third time: In April and June it was arson. Whether the fire was set is still being investigated. Australian media withdraw journalists from China: They were the last two Australian journalists officially stationed in China. With the help of the Australian government they managed to get away from China. Baudet was escorted away from the FvD meeting, but the threat was false alarm: The police checked three people outside the building, but they didn’t seem to be doing any harm

And then this:

Artist Willem de Haan notices that during the corona crisis it is more difficult to protest on the Malieveld. In order to give everyone a chance to protest on the lawn, the artist has developed ‘MalieveldGras’, says De Haan to Omroep West. “Soon you will just be protesting in your own garden or the local park”, says the description of the product. And for those who think it’s a joke: the seeds have actually been cultivated from grass from the Malieveld.

Have a nice day!