Wake-up service 11/10: Wiersum case ruling โ€ข Climate protest Extinction Rebellion

Good morning! The Amsterdam court is today ruling in the case on the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum. The two suspects have been demanded for life. And in The Hague, roadblocks have been announced by climate action group Extinction Rebellion.

But first the weather: In the morning there is a chance of a very local shower. In the afternoon there are more showers and sometimes there is some room for the sun. The temperature rises to 14 or 15 degrees and there is a moderate to fairly powerful northwest wind blowing. In the evening there are more rains from the north, which go south in the night. It then cools down to 7 or 8 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the list of traffic jams and operations. Check the train timetable here.

What to expect today?
What did you miss?

The number of hospitals that need to close the Emergency Department (ER) temporarily is increasing. This is what the Dutch Association of Emergency Doctors (NVSHA) sees. There is too little qualified staff and the number of patients with complex problems is rising.

โ€œThe last year is unprecedented,โ€ said David Baden, chairman of the NVSHA. โ€œWe see that hospitals that have never had to announce closure now have patient stops.โ€

There is no nationwide record of Emergency closures, but Baden sees the crowds rising across the country. โ€œWe hear from all our colleagues that there is a tremendous pressure, which makes it simply no longer fun. You just want to be able to provide good care and not feel like you‘re back against the wall.โ€

Other news from the night:
And then this:

Resistance fighter Jacoba van Tongeren (1903-1967) got a statue on a square on Amsterdam’s Antillenstraat, opposite Van Tongeren‘s former house. At the beginning of World War II, Van Tongeren founded Group 2000, a resistance group that arranged shelter addresses, food receipts and personal receipts for people in hiding. It saved the lives of thousands of people.

Jacoba van Tongeren’s name was quite unknown until a few years ago. But when her nephew Paul van Tongeren released a book based on her memoir in 2014, her story and her part of the resistance became clear. So now her place in Dutch history has also been captured in a statue.

Happy Monday!