Wake-up service 1/12: Parliamentary debate on corona measures โ€ข Hassans best athlete in the world?

Good morning! Today, the House of Representatives is debating the evening lockdown that came into effect last Sunday and youth workers are going to talk to outgoing minister De Jonge about the consequences of the coronavirus.

The weather: It will be a hit or miss day with showers, but in between, the sun also breaks through sometimes. It is soft with up to 10 degrees. Especially by the sea is a strong wind with a chance of heavy gusts in the northwest.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the rail road here.

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Virus inhibitor molnupiravir is most likely to be approved for use in the US soon. A commission from the US food and medicine authority FDA has issued a positive opinion on the pill of pharmaceutical Merck. The FDA usually takes advice from the commission.

Previously, Britain approved the medicine. The EU is still considering it, but in exceptional cases the pill may already be prescribed.

Merck says based on clinical trials that a course of treatment with the pill can prevent 30 percent of hospitalizations in unvaccinated people with weak health, if the drug is taken on time. The virus inhibitor should be swallowed within five days of the onset of symptoms, otherwise there will be almost no effect.

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And then just this:

It sounds like a youth practice game result, but it was really a World Cup qualifying game for Englands football players. The team of national coach Sarina Wiegman won Latvia with a whopping 20-0 last night.

The sixth win in as many World Cup qualifiers for Wiegman goes into the books as the biggest ever in the womens World Cup qualifying duels.

The record was in Belgiums name since last week, which beat Armenia 19-0. The old top score of the English football players was 13-0 and was set against Hungary in October 2005.

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