Wake-up service 12/10: Threat Kaag and De Jonge judge โ€ข Corona education report

Good morning! D66 leader Sigrid Kaag may be coming to the Hague court today for a case against a man who threatened her and demissionary CDA minister De Jonge with death online. And the Education Inspectorate publishes a report on the consequences of sixteen months of corona education.

We start with the weather: an area of cloud and rain crosses. During the morning, the rain goes south, and in the north it clears up more and more. Moderate winds are blowing from the northwest and the mercury rises up to 14 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the list of traffic jams and operations. Check the train timetable here.

What to expect today?
What did you miss?

The British corona approach early in the pandemic is one of the most serious public health failures the country has ever seen. The chance to contain the virus at an early stage has been missed, leading to unnecessary deaths. That says in a scathing parliamentary report on the corona crisis that appears today and that British media, including the BBC, are writing about.

The 150-page report, written by committees with House of Commons from all parties, states that the early approach in the United Kingdom focused on group immunity. As a result, parliamentarians have deliberately opted for a slower approach, which made the country โ€œconsiderably worseโ€ than other countries.

The first corona infections were detected in the United Kingdom on 31 January. On March 23, the UK government announced a national lockdown. Among other things, the report is highly critical of that โ€œlateโ€ moment.

Other news from the night:
And then this:

Last night, a traffic jam occurred at a gas station in Eindhoven with a few hundred motorists hoping to pick up a grain of a remarkably low fuel price. At the pump at the Flight Forum, a litre of petrol cost at least an hour only 1.449 euros and the price for diesel was 1.109 euros.

โ€œI dont know how long it will take, but Im glad Ill be there on time,โ€ a customer told Omroep Brabant before the price was adjusted to 1.88 euros for a litre of Euro 95, whether it was a technical failure or a price stunt, is not known.

Happy Tuesday!