Wake up service 15/1: Does Cabinet Rutte III fall? โ€ข Employees nursing homes get prick

Good morning! It is waiting for what conclusions the Cabinet connects to the payment affair. In the course of the day, Prime Minister Rutte will announce the resignation of his government. In addition, all nursing home workers will be vaccinated from today.

Cloud fields predominate and in the north a winter mood remains possible. In between there is also room for the sun. There is a weak north wind blowing and with a maximum of 1 or 2 degrees it is quite fresh.

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At a major military parade in Pyongyang, North Korea has shown new missiles calling it โ€œthe most powerful weapons in the worldโ€. According to the regime, these are weapons that can be fired from submarines. Its not clear whether that claim is true. It could also be dummy models that require further development.

If the news about the missiles is correct, it means enemies have less response time than before. Missiles fired from land are easier to track than submarines that can strike unexpectedly. In October, dictator Kim already presented an intercontinental missile that could even reach the US.

It is clear that the dictatorship wants to increase pressure on the new Biden government. In recent years, Kim has found a lot of rapprochement with President Trump, but that relationship has cooled down when negotiations on the nuclear weapons program clapped. With the new threats Kim would want to impress Biden. He described him in the past as a villain.

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Youssef (24) from Gaza was born without arms and legs. After obtaining a degree in Islamic law, he now plunges himself into a new hobby: karate.

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