Wake-up service 16/1: Election congresses CDA and SGP โ€ข Snow coming

Good morning! It is the day of the party congresses with a Congress of the CDA and the SGP and the weekend of the European Championships Allround and Sprint at the Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen.

The day starts dry with some sun, but in the afternoon it becomes cloudy and follows snow from the west. Tonight almost everywhere in the country falls 2 to 5 centimeters of snow. The temperature is around 1 degree during the day, but during snowfall the light freezes. On Sunday morning some wet snow or rain falls in the far east, elsewhere the thaw will already occur.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

What can you expect today?
What did you miss?

In the city of Groningen a barn of a farm was completely burned out last night. The fire department reported around 6:00 a.m. The fire fire was under control. The after-loop will take hours to complete.

Ash remains from the thatched roof have been found in the surrounding gardens and streets. The fire brigade calls local residents to clean up those remains and wash off cars.

The horses in a nearby barn have been brought to safety, reports the fire department. No persons or animals were injured during the fire.

Other news from the night
And then for a moment this

An all-white giant panda was spotted in a national park in southwest China. The panda was filmed twice with infrared cameras and seems to be in good health. The animal was last seen in 2019, because he was now only suspecting researchers that he must be about three years old and โ€œleft his mother to stand on his own feet.โ€

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