Wake-up service 16/4: suspects evening bell riots in court โ€ข WWII liberators honored

Good morning! For the first time, suspects from the evening bell riots in Den Bosch are in front of the police. And hundreds of World War II liberators are honored with a letter, now that the Liberation defilรฉ is not going on.

First the weather: a lot of sun. In the interior at noon pile clouds, but it remains dry everywhere.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

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Minister De Jonge fully supports the design of pilot events with access tests. He can talk about the large-scale experiment to see how large groups can attend music, sports or other events in coronatijd.

โ€œ Its a fantastic investment, where beautiful things are organized,โ€ said the demissionary Minister of Health in the debate on the corona approach. โ€œPeople say afterwards that they had a great day and missed such a meeting. We make fun things possible.โ€

Recently, there has been increasing criticism of the design of these large-scale pilot events. They are in the hands of the Foundation Open Nederland and they started without a public tender, as discovered by the research platform Follow The Money. Also, the chosen construction would not be transparent and there would be no supervision.

De Jonge acknowledges that there has been no public tender, but that was, according to him, not to waste time and start the experiments quickly. The foundation excelled in a good and thorough approach, he said.

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Four newborn Bengal tigers were unveiled in Cubas National Zoo on Thursday, including one rare white. Animals, the genus of which is not yet known, were born on 12 March. During birth, the caregivers soon noticed the white cub with crystal blue eyes. There are only 200 white tigers around the world.

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