Wake-up service 16/7: Hoogwater moves in Limburg โ€ข Royal family in the picture

Good morning! The situation in Limburg remains tense: high tide moves to the Roermond area today. And the court is ruling on the case against a Syrian terrorist suspect.

A moderate to fairly strong northern winds create piles of clouds where a storm can fall out in the southeast. It will be 21 to 24 degrees. This weekend it‘s dry and we’ll see the sunshine regularly. The temperature is around 24 degrees.

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Thousands of people in southern Limburg have left or had to leave their homes because of the rising water. Although the expected highest water level in the Meuse was slightly lower than expected, the danger has not yet passed.

The highest level was expected around 3am, possibly 3700 kuub of water per second flowing through the Meuse. โ€œIt just didn‘t make it. So that’s good news,โ€ says a security region spokesperson. According to him, they‘re โ€œjust not against the doom scenarioโ€.

In Roermond, the residents of 550 houses were called out of bed by agents this morning. They should leave in the morning, but that moment is now a few hours early.

Other news from the night:
And then this:

A goose couple temporarily separated because the male had to be operated has become the subject of a real โ€œlove storyโ€ on social media.

Arnold, the male half of the Canadian geese couple, was taken by conservationists from a pond right next to their establishment with fractures in his paw. While the animal was lying on the operating table, the staff heard ticking on the window. โ€œHis partner had not only found her way to the porch, but also to the exact place where Arnold was operated,โ€ an employee said. โ€œShe really tried to get in, and did that by picking on the window, among other things.โ€

After surgery, Arnold was placed in the doorway so that the two could see each other. Arnold’s recovery is successful. Or the two โ€œlive happily ever afterโ€ can be found on the Animal Shelter Facebook page.

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